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Here in Pockit we push Satisfaction by pairin' High Quality Crystals & Natural Resources with constantly refined Craftsmanship to bring you next level products!


Wraps Of Futures Past


Custom Wire Wraps

Necklaces, Rings & More

About PFS

Pockit Full of Stones was co-created by Jasiah & Ras-Irie two local Atlanta artist that wanted to create a business that could help provide a platform for other artist to grow & shine. Instead of keeping the gained crafting knowledge to themselves, they taught others how to wire wrap. Then set off adding other unique artist that were already skilled wrappers and Artist in different genres. Resulting in a group that makes The Pockit collective what it is today. Unique, Brave & Inspirational.

Pockit Full of Stones offers group and individual wire-wrapping classes both in person and online! No matter your age, you can learn to wrap and create beautiful pieces of jewelry to keep for years to come.

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