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Intention: A reminder that your body is your temple, it is worthy of worship & loving. A sacred space that deserves tender care & nourishing energy. It is your home, respect it.



Intention: A symbol of friendship, stability, foundation, & strength. Engraved to represent collaboration, teamwork & creativity.



Intention: Representing divine feminine energy, self-love & protection



Intention: Known as "the key of life" representing the womb, balance, empowerment & knowledge.



Intention: Serves as a reminder to allow yourself to freely form into the person you were meant to be. Journey on the path of the least resistance



Intention: Representing the sun above, sol within & soil below. A reminder of self love & connection. 



Intention: Universal symbol of life, a journey into your higher self.



Intention: A reminder to ride the fluid waves of your ever changing reality, remain present, encourage growth & accept the changes needed on your path to enlightenment.



Intention: Representing change, transformation & rebirth of self. 


As Above So Below

Intention: Representing the understanding of your inner world (mind) creating your reality. A reminder of polarity & balance between the physical & spiritual realm.



Intention: Represented by the number 8, symbolizing the infinite nature of the universe, love, energy & time. A reminder of balance, power & flow.

Intention Rings

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